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About Tires

To avoid risks
Inflatable tires
Warning: To avoid risk of explosion resulting framework Stand on suitable distance of the frame when supplied with air. Place the frame or cage in safety.
Warning: When installing the part of passenger cars. Should not exceed the degree that the air pressure 300 KPa. Then blow the framework of the air pressure required to normalize the edge of the frame with the edge when Gant and make sure it was installed on both sides of the edges of the frame on the edges of the Gant correctly. Adjust air pressure to the required degree.
Backup tires temporary spare tire and Run Flat tires, tires or any other special and concrete manufacturers. Follow the manufacturers instructions tires.
The affected tires
Warning: Do not use tire in which the holes or cracks were internal wiring.
This may cause accidents. Agents consult one tire to make sure whether the repair is possible.
Maintain the safety and performance
The selection of tires:
Mainly should use standard tires or tires that are recommended by the designated car manufacturers. Consult your agent tires. Use one type of tire, measured in one of the four wheels. And if the manufacturers have specified a certain measured for each axis follow the instructions of manufacturers.
Warning: Do not use Aonowaa and different sizes of tire has on the same axis, because there is a risk that lead to accidents because of the difference in performance. (Frame reserve the interim is an exception) Use the inner tube and Alhenber same size as the measurement of tire and use the valves suitable for a boat and Alajlat) .
With all the new framework and use the internal tube Henber new.
Consult your agent when choosing Jnt (wheel) to ensure good purchase your choice of the correct size.
Tires without a tube (tubeless) Make sure you use a similar Jnt (tubeless).

Check out the things Western or damage
Warning: Check the Gant (wheel) to make sure there are no cracks or deformities or rust make sure there are no cracks in the Alataaro there are no nails or cut metal or glass, etc. .. Also, make sure there are no stones or foreign objects in the pedal (engraved) framework, if you find something Consult your dealer to remove it.

Installation of tire / Gant (wheel)
In case of tire without a tube (tubeless) to the air that can leak out if there was any damage to throat procedure (edge) of the framework.
Use lubricating cream that recommended by Bridgestone frame when installing a pool on the Gant (wheel).
The presence of exotic things or moisture inside the frame may adversely affect the performance of Alatarlzlk check box well from the inside and remove any foreign body and dry before installation on Gant.
The water also sneak through the compressor (Compressors) into the frame. Filter air compressor from the water periodically.
Warning: After installing the frame without a tube (tubeless) to Gant make sure there is no leakage of air between the frame and cam Gant (wheel) or LED (move the valve to the top and bottom to make sure) Make sure the weight of wheels (Altersas) to avoid concussion vehicle or eat non- Mentdm tires tires equipped with Protect the surface of the lateral must be installed so that the lateral surface is Compatible Protect the outside.
If part of the instructions for installation or rotate on the surface profile, follow these instructions when installing the frame in the car. Make sure the frame does not touch the structure of the vehicle to avoid disruption make sure the frame and Gant Aatt structure of the vehicle.
Not recommended and installed Gant frame where the top of the fender. It also advised not to change or modify composite flap
For the dual tires, the big difference between Qatrin may cause damage to early Awahtra is Menttm tires and has serious consequences for the safety and cost.
If the tires not exceeding 6 mm in the case of installation of two windows in the range of different Bakatrin allowed. Install the wheel younger from the inside
Link to the nuts and bolts to be determined

Compression framework
After the inflatable frame according to the correct pressure make sure there is no leakage of air from the valve or the main Gant or around the valve before closing the valve.
Warning: Make sure the valve and close the lid tightly.
Check the air pressure on a regular basis (once a month) using the standard air pressure before moving the car and when the tires are cold. Adjust the air pressure as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers or manufacturers of the frame. Others enough pressure may cause an imbalance in the frame or lead to accidents.
The non-sufficient air pressure in tires, especially with low-profile surface may not small in view of the notes, use always check the air pressure gauge to check pressure.
While driving and after the air pressure is high because of the heat Never attempt to reduce the pressure when the window is heated.
That the air pressure specified by the manufacturers of the car is somewhere near the door of the car if you can not find consult your car dealer or tire. So you can tires provide the best performance, it is important to use when the air pressure right, because the use of frame by clicking inappropriate will lead to reduce performance and damage.
Check the air pressure in the spare tire (once per year) and set it according to the specifications of the manufacturers or the car frame.
In the case of dual tires may result in the difference between the air early frameworks damaged or irregular erosion has serious consequences for the safety and cost. Adjust the air pressure for both external and internal frameworks at the same level.

Sports activities
Must follow the following instructions (select tires) and (pressure box). Even in case of sporting activities stepped up circuit or rally

Validity of use:
Warning: Ending the validity of the use of context when Dahr wear indicator is clear and it is inferred when it reaches a depth of Da'sh (suit) 1.6 mm. Replace with a new one before the frame to reach this stage to frame the wearing very dangerous with less capacity to control and frame becomes more prone to slipping on wet roads.

Driving safely
Warning: while driving if you feel that the steering wheel is fixed and I felt a voice strange stopped the vehicle in a safe place as rapidly as possible and check the car and tires make sure there was no strange thing in the tire even reveal that continued your journey slowly as possible and check your tires at the nearest shop for tires.
Must avoid driving and acceleration and turn around and stop as well as a surprise because it is dangerous. Especially on wet roads or snow-covered and ice sure to leave a safe distance from the car in front of you.

If the change type and size of the frame. Carefully took command until you get used to the performance of the new framework.
Note: The word here means the framework of various models of tires and Nakecat Alamtatih.

Beauty and protection
When your use of the materials for the fast repair of holes or polishes tire so as to prevent those that cause damage framework.
When you use the material for the frame or polishing cream lubrication Gant for the installation of the frame and containing silicon or wax. Be sure not to access any of these materials to the surface Da'sh (the part that clings to the road). If it happened and came to the surface of materials Da'sh (the part that clings to the road has to be careful driving a distance of 10 km on the road to dry.

Storage of tires:
Store the tires away from direct sunlight and rain. Away from water, oil and heat sources away from the stove and equipment that may cause an electrical spark.
Tire Recycling (altered from back to front and vice versa)
Tire wear varies according to the position (the center axis of payment or leadership) to avoid vibration and abnormal noise and extend the life of the framework Rotate the tires at the right time.
The role of the tire including the spare tire in an appropriate manner consistent with Dharov car (except for temporary Alataralaanaati)

That driving a car loaded with superfluous in an unbalanced manner to cause only a defect in the frame and cracking in the wheel, but it may also cause a shortening of life of a tire
Balance Alajlat
If the corners of the wheels of the vehicle is balanced, they lead to poor control erosion and irregular. Check and adjust the angles of the wheels at budget time

Tag (drilling) ills surface frame
Should be a tag (writing drilling) superficially near the Gant to avoid cracks resulting from tag

Other: Avoid the use of tire processing Kalhfr open because it could lead to accidents.